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Welcome To Usenet Access Provider
We are a professional Usenet Newsgroup Service that offers exclusive features you will not find anywhere else!! As a Usenet Provider we are dedicated to providing one of the most POWERFUL and FEATURE PACKED newsgroup services on the Internet. We have customers from around the globe utilizing our service and we invite you to do the same.
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Join Usenet Community
Millions of users worldwide access and post to Usenet newsgroups. Subscribe today and experience what it's like interacting with others users on this large discussion forum. Join Usenet today!
Long Usenet Message Retention
Usenet messages are carried for longer periods of time, so that you can participate in newsgroup discussions where a topic may be discussed for weeks at a time; especially if it's a hot-topic (like politics, jobs, finances, etc.)
WorldWide Usenet Access
Once you join this Usenet service, you'll receive a log-in and password to start accessing Usenet. With that information, you can connect to the newsgroups from any location where you can get Internet access. This Usenet service also supports all newsreader software versions available today. Experience the best Usenet Access available. Join Usenet today!

Newsreader Access
Any NNTP-compliant newsreader will work on the Usenet server, using the default NNTP port of 119. Popular newsreaders like Xnews, Grabit, Microsoft Outlook Express Newsreader, and Newsbin all will work with the newsgroup service. Free support is available for users who are new to Usenet newsreader software and need help with configuration.

Usenet Features
Full access to Usenet - use it from anywhere in the world via log-in/password
Thousands of newsgroups currently available - 200 days retention!
Daily & monthly (block) newsgroup usage limits - competitive pricing!
We specialize in assisting usenet "newbies" get online quick and easy support is 24x7x365
User Reviews
"I do a lot of traveling around the world and this is by far the best usenet service I've come across. I've tested it everywhere; from Japan to Canada -- and the performance has been nothing short of stellar! Gotta go now... have to log on. cya~!"
NNTP Server
2,800 MHz. of processing power!
8,000+ MB of RAM!
10000 Gig Spool drive on a full array!
Some of the longest retention
  times available!
Quad T-3 Backbone (As with all the
Capable of handling THOUSANDS of
  simultaneous connections, without breaking a sweat!


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Newsgroups contain user-generated content. There are well over 100,000 available newsgroups on Usenet today. Your newsreader software will download a list of newsgroups when it first authenticates to the server. is a "reseller" of usenet newsgroup access. This company does not own or operate usenet servers.